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An SMSF is the perfect vehicle to build your wealth and plan for retirement – but only if set up and managed right.

Bringing SMSFs back to life

We see underperforming, poorly managed SMSFs every day. But when DS Advisory enters the picture, we get things back on track – in no time. So if you suspect your current SMSF advisors are not up to the task, DS Advisory is the answer. Our in-house SMSF specialists are truly a cut above the rest.

A strategic approach from day one

If you’re ready to set up an SMSF, DS Advisory can help you every step of the way. We start by performing a cost-benefit analysis to determine your suitability for an SMSF. And if we find that an SMSF is right for you, we devise a smart SMSF strategy that focuses on your personal goals.

Property Investments & SMSF

When it comes to direct property investments and SMSF borrowing, you need the right advice… to get it right. At DS Advisory, we help you limit potential losses, while boosting your return-on-investment year after year. What’s more, we have experience across the life of your SMSF strategy – from set up to settlement.

Ready to reap greater rewards from your SMSF?

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