Seniors’ savings go unclaimed

Seniors’ savings go unclaimed

There’s a mountain of savings and pensioner discounts available for older Australians, but finding them can be tricky.
Here are the entitlements you should be claiming.

Senior Australians are missing out on money because it’s difficult to discover the dozens of government entitlements available to them.

Financial benefits from federal, state and local governments are offered to pensioners and other retirees but can’t be found in one place, resulting in many seniors having to search several websites.

Later Life Advice director Brendan Ryan said there had been a “mad proliferation” of government departments, schemes, rebates and bonuses. “There’s at least 40 rebates, supplements or schemes for someone who is eligible for the age pension,” he said.

Mr Ryan said it could be tricky to track down benefits because there was no complete list.

“For older Australians it’s not just different levels of government — state, federal and local. It’s also different departments, different programs and different kids of eligibility,” he said.

“It’s confusing.”

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